Hold The Dark – Russel/Medora couch dialogue

Hold The Dark 2018 – Jeremy Saulnier

Quick scene breakdown (minor spoilers ahead) :

Russel scans the bleak living room.

Medora hands a cup of coffee to Russel and gets to the point : hunt the wolf that killed her son.

The book he wrote that she is holding is a token of trust, he’s the right man for the job. Somehow he seems distant from it, yet he’s here to offer his help.

He’s startled by the wolf’s mask on the wall.

We learn that his Daughter lives in Anchorage, and Medora’s comment that “it’s not Alaska” gets a strong reaction from Russel (gulps loudly his coffee).

This is followed by her comment about the darkness outside the windows getting inside herself. Beat.

Russel then asks about her husband serving in the military, he hasn’t been notified about the death of his son while in operation, Russel reassure Medora that he’s gonna help.

Medora’s getting ready to show her where the children were taken. Yet Russel’s not equipped.

Next we see him with of boots in the next shot. They look like ones worn by natives from the land.


This scene shows characters from distant worlds expect that “wolves” are what unite them. Apart from the tragedy, each of them have representations of wolves displayed in their homes (we also see that in an earlier scene in Russel’s home), we think grief is what makes her think there’s darkness in her.

Are there any other cues in that scene that tell us that there might be more to grief ? This scene’s very early in the movie, possibly the third one so there’s enough here to ease the tension and symbolism in for future recall.

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